Update new factory

Work in progress

Construction of the second Vobra factory is progressing steadily and Paul Stoutjesdijk, Manager of Operations at Vobra, can’t wait to take it into production. When the land next to the current plant came up for sale, Paul was given carte blanche to build the ultimate Vobra plant. “That gave us the opportunity to work with the wishes of the customers and the changing demand from the market. Not only by increasing capacity, but also by innovating,” Paul explains.

”With the new plant, we will be able to meet the wishes of our customers, which they have placed with us over the years.”
– Paul Stoutjesdijk, manager of operations at Vobra

“With the new and automated techniques we can, first of all, better regulate the size and shape of the kibbles. In addition, we can use more fresh ingredients, for example carrot and tomato, and process potatoes and rice better. In doing so, we are responding to the demand for vegan and gluten-free kibbles. On the other hand, in the world of pet food, there is an increasing demand for a kibble with larger quantities of meat and fish, and we will soon be able to supply that too. With our more than five hundred recipes and the new machines, we can meet everyone’s needs,” says Paul.

Paul continues; “In the new factory we can also regulate the moisture content better, so the taste acceptance of the pellets will be even greater. The fussy cat and dog will be very happy with this and it also makes the kibble more suitable for export. Finally, we can finally start to deliver smaller packages”.

With the commissioning of the new factory, Vobra is ready for the future. Partly in view of the fact that this factory is set up in such a way that another production line can be added.