Private label

A chunk of expertise

Vobra Special Petfoods is THE partner for private label dog and cat food. We don’t say that lightly: Vobra has 90 years of experience in pet nutrition, of which more than half a century in dog and cat food. All this time we have continued to innovate and improve. It’s the combination of experience, knowledge and innovative strength that makes us unique. We therefore prefer to call ourselves ‘partner’ rather than ‘producer’ or ‘supplier’. Because we do much more than just create and supply. If you want, we guide you from idea to market introduction. We offer you peace of mind in a competitive market where product, price and presentation must be skillfully balanced. In short: if you choose Vobra, you choose a chunk of expertise.

Dog or cat

The logical first step. Whatever dry food you are looking for, we have it covered: we offer a choice of 600 recipes, composed exclusively of natural ingredients. Do you have specific wishes? Then we would be happy to develop a unique new recipe together with you. The choice is yours!


Paper or laminate? Your own packaging or one of ours? Does the chosen kibble match the volume of the bag? And what look should the label have? Packaging is an important step in the selection process.

Life stage

An older animal has very different energy needs than a puppy or kitten. Together we determine an appropriate protein/fat content for the food.

Pressed or extruded

Vobra has been using an extruder since 1984 for a product of constant, high quality. Or do you prefer an extra compact pressed kibble? Your choice has to match the ingredients you choose. We are happy to guide you.

Raw materials

Of course we use fresh meat and the best grains for our food. Our laboratory carefully monitors the quality of the incoming raw materials. For our recipes we use 150 unique types of raw materials of the highest quality!

Premium, super premium or diet food?

Do you opt for an all-round premium maintenance kibble? Or would you like to complete your range with a more specialized feed? We will be happy to advise you.

Special ingredients

Did you know that we can also add special ingredients such as yucca, rosemary or green tea extract? All with their own unique taste and health properties.

Shape of the kibble

Finally, you determine the shape of the kibble. We have thirty different moulds for this. Because a kitten simply has a different preference than a Great Dane.

Interested in private label?

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